Friday, February 16, 2018

The Establishment Has Never Been This Afraid Of Losing The Information War

There’s a reason behind the establishment’s worldwide war against dissent. There’s a reason for the censorship from governments and corporations, and for the mainstream media campaign to delegitimize dissenters as Russian agents, and for the aggressive attacks against those who’ve questioned the current war narratives. This reason can’t be spoken of outside the private meeting rooms of the oligarchy, since it turns over the entire global power dynamic.

Through sharing information on social media, expanding the alternative news websites, and making millions of people aware of the deceptions taking place, we have become a legitimate threat to the deep state’s propaganda machine. We remain a threat even after all the censorship that’s been put upon us, and this is made clear in the continued attacks we’re under from the establishment. The theatrical McCarthyite senate hearings, Orwellian censorship announcements from Facebook, and anti-dissident propaganda that so frequently happens these days can only mean one thing: that the ruling class knows it’s dangerously close to losing the information war.
Our resources for winning this war include social networks like Minds and MeWe, which don’t have Facebook and Twitter’s censorship problems. We can find vital information to share throughout these platforms on sites like World Socialist Website and Consortiumnews, and from journalists like Caitlin Johnstone and Chris Hedges. Just as importantly, we need to sow distrust of the governmental and media centers that seek to deceive us. Especially when these centers make claims about the empire’s current target countries.
I emphasize that last point, because the power structure has already used diversions toward a nonexistent foreign threat to hurt efforts at revolt. The narrative that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election, fraudulently started in 2016 by John Brennan (as was recently revealed in the Republican House Committee memo), is making discourse totalitarian. Anyone who publicly speaks out against the official narrative is at risk of being accused of working for the Kremlin, and dissenting thoughts themselves are being subliminally portrayed as treasonous. Specifically, any sentiment that strays from approved thought is now “divisive” in a way that “undermines democracy.”
These unapproved thoughts have included: opposition to the corporatism and warmongering of the Democratic Party establishment, and to the party’s sabotage of democracy in 2016. Skepticism of the corporate media. Support for the Bernie Sanders campaign and for third parties. Awareness of Wall Street fraud and widespread corruption in government. Questioning of the highly suspect war narratives against Syria and Russia, and opposition to U.S. empire in general. As soon as you recognize the nature of this deception, you see how sinister it is. “If it wasn’t so completely depressing, I would say it is awe-inspiring to watch,” writes CJ Hopkins in his article The War on Dissent. “This full-spectrum type of mass indoctrination, or ‘reality adjustment,’ doesn’t happen that often. It used to only happen on the national level, typically during times of war, when the ruling classes of nation states needed to temporarily unite their populaces and demonize their enemy.”
Why is it being tried now? To stop the global revolt that’s happening against predatory capitalism and the erosion of our freedoms. Billionaires and world leaders, it was revealed in this year’s Davos Economic Forum, are more comfortable than they were a year ago, now that Trump has proven not to be a threat to globalism. The nuisance of populism, some elites are now saying in private interviews, has subsided, and corporate profits are thriving. But the attacks against dissent wouldn’t be as intense as they now are unless the ruling cabal knew we pose a formidable threat.
Don’t believe the attempts to trick you otherwise. We are powerful, to an extent that the political establishment would rather start a cold war with a nuclear superpower than let us operate normally. Speak the truth, and speak it with persistence and openness. Because if we see the war on dissent end, we’ll know the system no longer sees us as a danger.

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