Tuesday, February 13, 2018

America’s Suicide Mission

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Every day, the United States proves itself to be more aggressively dangerous than its enemies have ever behaved. Civilians have been killed by U.S. drone strikes in the last year 200% more than previously. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other countries have been greatly expanded this last year, with America also threatening to create conflicts throughout Africa, Ukraine, and
South America. U.S. attacks in Syria have escalated so much recently that Russians as well as Syrians are now being killed by American bombs. As this threatens to unleash larger war, the Pentagon is now falsely claiming Russia and China pose nuclear threats. The CIA is well into war runup campaigns against North Korea and Iran, both of which prelude fiascos far worse than the invasion of Iraq. Even U.S. allies are participating in this reckless behavior, with Israel preparing to start a broader war against Syria after the illegal U.S.-Kurdish massacre of Syrians this month.
This is the lunatic result of an exceptionally huge empire facing its own looming demise. Empires throughout history have always reacted to their losing hegemony by launching massive, irrational war campaigns, thinking that grand military strategies will restore their former control. These empires believe themselves to be infallible even as they flail catastrophically. America showed this arrogance during the Iraq War, when the political establishment reacted to France’s not supporting the U.S.’ insane action by pettily vilifying France.
In this much more advanced part of the empire’s collapse, the country’s leadership acts with just as much more grandiosity and entitlement. The president threatens genocide because of a nonexistent nuclear threat from North Korea; Nikki Haley threatens other countries at the UN for not supporting the U.S.’ decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel; American media spreads inflammatory lies about Russia, like the charges of Russia’s “hacking” American elections. The largest empire in history has lost touch with reality. And expanded death and destruction is the consequence, maybe of the kind that will soon wipe out all life on earth.
“We are in new cold war that is much more dangerous than the last cold war for various reasons,” said Russia scholar Stephen Cohen in a February 2 interview with the Real News Network. “One is that the new cold war today, as we talk, includes three fronts. U.S.-Russian fronts, they’re fought with hot war. That’s Syria. That’s the reckless NATO military build-up on Russia’s western borders, which has resulted in a situation today that ordinarily artillery, not missiles, ordinary artillery, can hit Russia’s second city of Saint Petersburg. Just think about that and the instability. And the third front is Ukraine.”
And this is just one of the world conflicts that we’re now at risk of because of the United States’ aggressions. The greatest threat to world peace, as global opinion polls have long agreed with, is the United States. Our enemy isn’t Iran, or Russia, or China, or North Korea, or the seven countries we’re already at war with, but the unelected, Orwellian global power establishment which survives through manufacturing war. The neocon narrative about North Korea being on a “suicide mission” is like a projection of America’s own pathologies.
I don’t know how much hope we have of changing this situation. But I think the best thing I can do right now is spread awareness of the deep state’s most dangerous war operation, the one that targets Syria and Russia. This years-long campaign has involved maybe the most complex global propaganda effort in history. The power establishment has used false flag chemical attackssubliminal messaging, and the Bana Alabad psyop, to manipulate public opinion towards Syrian regime change. These efforts to depose Assad and bully Putin into submission, motivated by blind desire for oil and U.S. hegemony, are now reaching a disastrous climax.
The false flag chemical attacks in 2013, 2014, and 2017 that this campaign has included give us a foreshadowing of what comes next: another attack of this kind, blamed on Assad by western authorities to justify another Iraq. The fraudulentSyrian White Helmets and the U.S.-backed Al-Nusra “rebels,” it’s been revealed this week, are planning a “chemical weapons provocation” in Syria. Israel’s planning this week to escalate its attacks on Syria, and America’s moving last month to commit to Syrian involvement indefinitely, hint what the empire plans to do after this attack happens.
Within the next month, we’ll likely be bombarded with a new and unprecedentedly dangerous pro-war narrative. Especially with the censorship that governments and corporations have imposed against dissenting voices, I doubt our efforts to counter this propaganda will be effective. But they will keep us conscious through remainder of the U.S. empire’s collapse.

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