Monday, October 15, 2018

If The West Doesn’t Stop Its Aggressions Against Russia, This New Cold War Could Last For Decades

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By revamping its unprovoked economic, information, and military warfare against Russia in recent years, the United States has signed onto another cold war that will quite possibly last for decades. And the destruction of human life and civil liberties that this cold war causes will no doubt be even bigger than the consequences from the last one.

The long-term goals of the Washington power players behind this dangerous geopolitical balancing act were hinted at last month, when Bill Maher asked the Atlantic Council’s Evelyn Farkas: “how should America deal with Russia post-Trump?” After praising America’s brutal economic sanctions against the Russian population and endorsing America’s support for neo-Nazi anti-Russian militias in Ukraine, Farkas said that “we need to do more of the firm stuff.”
Here was Farkas, a member of a major foreign policy influence group, saying that America will need to continue its belligerence towards Russia into the mid-2020’s and apparently well beyond then. This diagnosis didn’t consider Putin’s potential for non-aggression in the future, nor did it acknowledge that Putin has actually presented no kind of threat to the U.S. in recent years. Farkas seemed to want the cold war tensions to continue for a long time in any case.
And a look at the words and actions of the rest of the U.S. military/intelligence establishment shows us that these tensions with Russia are indeed intended to last for decades, so long as they don’t spill over into a third world war before then. This month, the Pentagon released a report titled “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States.” Its message was that America needs to prepare for a long-term struggle against Russia, China, or both; it said that in order to be able to “fight tonight” against a “peer adversary,” we must “retool” for a “great power competition.”
As the World Socialist Website has assessed about this report, the U.S. and its allies are now clearly preparing for “total war.” This is also shown by the recent expansionof the U.S.’ annual military budget to an unprecedented $717 billion, by the U.S.’ ongoing war escalations with Russian allies like Iran and Syria, by NATO’s aggressive troop advancements onto Russia’s borders, and by the general atmosphere of nationalistic fear and Cold War revivalism that the American media has created.
The goal of the foreign policy elites isn’t to start a nuclear war with Russia, but to force Russia into submission through strong-arm tactics. This is made apparent by the language from Russia hawks about “peace through strength” and “containing Russia.” These are euphemisms for the ultimate goal of the West’s re-creation of the Cold War, which is to force Russia into submission so that the U.S./NATO empire won’t have to compete with another capitalist superpower.
The same is true for the U.S.’ escalations with China and other countries; it isn’t about defense, it’s about securing the interests of the Western plutocracy. And whether or not anyone actually wants all-out world war, the threat of a catastrophic conflict will always be present for as long as the U.S. keeps up its aggressions.
Is this what the American people want? Another generations-long string of nuclear tensions that will no doubt create more McCarthyite attacks on free speech, this time with AI censorship technology and a universal surveillance state being involved? We need to loudly resist all attempts to continue this attack against peace, security, and freedom.

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