Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Reminder Of Why Our Government Hates Assad

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WikiLeaks has shown that in July of 2012, an email exchange between Hillary Clinton and one of her aides (seen above) revealed one of the true motives behind the West’s campaign against the Syrian government: to benefit Israel by sparking a Sunni-Shiite war that would happen after Assad was overthrown. This email was written by Sidney Blumenthal, but Blumenthal’s boss agreed with its basic premise, as was hinted at by the jihadist rebel troop mobilizationsanti-Assad psyops, and shipments of chemical weapons to rebel forces that happened during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

Add this to the email that Clinton aide James P. Rubin had sent in April 2012 which also suggested that America should destabilize Syria for Israel’s sake, and we have direct evidence that the members of the Obama administration were not driven by the values of “humanitarian” interventionism when they began their war against Syria. They were thinking about how they could help the U.S./NATO empire and the corporations that control it.
Beyond what WikiLeaks has told us, we know that Israel has long wanted to gain control over Syria’s Golan Heights region. We know that the Genie oil company, which has deep ties to the Israeli and U.S. governments, seeks to exploit the Golan’s oil reserves. And we know that Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying in recent years to get Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan recognized by the U.S. (These connections probably have something to do with the Syria escalations that have happened under the Trump administration, since the Trump family has strong ties to Israel and Trump’s cabinet is filled with Israel-linked figures like John Bolton.)
The Obama administration may have rejected Netanyahu’s 2015 request for recognition of Israeli dominance in the Golan, but as we’ve seen, the Obama White House’s actions in Syria were greatly focused on how to serve Israel. And they were a continuation of an effort to destabilize Syria whose development had started in the Bush administration; in 2007, General Wesley Clark had revealed that the U.S. was planning to “take out” Syria, and the U.S. has been arming and training jihadists in Syria at least as far back as 2005. Dick Cheney, interestingly, is on Genie’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Since then, more than half a million people have died so far in the Syrian war, and around 13.5 million Syrians have come to require humanitarian assistance. But it’s all been worthwhile for Israel and Genie Oil, which got a major victory last year when President Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan. And the Western imperialists aren’t finished, with officials like Bolton and Pompeo planningmore strikes against Syria and putting forth a potential new regime change attempt.
Why do I believe that these figures aim to use a false flag chemical attack to advance their goals in Syria, as the Russian MoD is claiming? I believe this because these people are not motivated by compassion for the Syrians that they say they want to “save.” They’re working to help the global corporate oligarchy, and they only hate Assad because Assad threatens this goal. History has shown that when a government has this mindset, false flags are a given.

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