Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Future The Oligarchs Want

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The end goal of the deep state is to drive the population into poverty and subjection, and to impose militarized totalitarian control. We can see this from the widening wealth inequality, police state expansion, increased corporate control, and escalating warfare that’s happening under the order of the global oligarchs. And as history has taught us, there’s no limit to how much despotic states will try to impose their control.

Today’s publicly visible billionaires often talk about the future in utopian terms, making promises that technology, free markets, or minor reforms to the corporate capitalist system will save civilization. Yet as long as the system that these ruling elites support exists, we’ll keep having the consequences of that system: destroyed liberties, expanding poverty, environmental collapse, escalating warfare. The real solution of dismantling the oligarchy is unthinkable to them, so they let these destructive forces continue indefinitely.
This is what the recent unprecedented media shift towards McCarthyism and Russia fearmongering is trying to conceal. The system is showing signs of falling apart, and the centers of power are reacting by tightly controlling the population.
Already, American police are more militarized than ever. The president has the authority, as given under Obama, to send in the military as a domestic police force; police can raid people’s private property with impunity. The Orwellian term “precrime” is applicable to law enforcement. The security state has filled the country with fusion centers, created an unparalleled surveillance system, and built “black sites” for torturing prisoners. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other CIA-controlled online companies have escalated censorship of news sites that are deemed “pro-Russian,” and the media has taken to flippantly slandering people as “Russian bots.”
The oligarchs are preparing to create a drastically different future. This would be a future where the U.S. military, as revealed in a recent Pentagon training video, wages war on the American people by sending troops into metropolitan areas to solve social problems. This plan, projected in the video to take effect by 2030, has a propaganda strategy that’s been assessed by John C. Whitehead: “You don’t scare them by making dramatic changes. Rather, you acclimate them slowly to their prison walls. Persuade the citizenry that their prison walls are merely intended to keep them safe and danger out.”
This slow conditioning towards a militarized future parallels every other despotic takeover in history, especially the years-long transition into tyranny that happened in the Soviet Union. The clues to where America’s ruling elite want to take things grow clearer all the time, yet as with all gradual takeovers, most people don’t see the changes in time. Right now, for instance, the senate is considering an Authorization for the Use of Military Force bill which would give the president total authority to declare war, and which would allow the president to detain American citizens permanently. The constitution and civil liberties are becoming obsolete, and are being replaced with the laws of a police state.
“Make no mistake about it,” writes Peter McArthur about the propaganda tactic the deep state is using of attacking dissenters as “Russian bots.” “This is dehumanization, and it’s the first ugly step in a set of increasingly ugly steps. This is an attempt normalize the idea that certain people and certain views need to be silenced, because they are a supposed threat to national security, democracy, and whatever other values our soon-to-be-obvious ruling class pretends to give a shit about.”
Fight the social engineering. Fight the creeping military, corporate, and governmental power. Don’t accept the attempts to delegitimize free thinkers as “Russian bots.” We’re real, we see what the deep state is moving towards, and we’ll do all we can to stop it.

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