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How We’ll Defeat The Deep State

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The deep state is a unique threat to democracy. It’s immune to populist movements, since its members hold power from posts higher than any elected office. Though most Americans are vaguely aware of it, it can easily make itself invisible, using the vast media branches at its command to distract the public. “Left vs right,” wroteCaitlin Johnstone last year, “is nonsensical as long as there’s a deep state in America...What’s the point in debating left vs. right in a country that does not have a single viable pro-human political party?”

The deep state’s formidableness shouldn’t stop us from organizing towards peace, sustainability, and equality. In fact, a vast upwelling of action on the local level is what’s needed to overwhelm the centralized oppressive force. As we build this movement, our end goals will need to include the following policies, which my personal research has found are vital towards defeating the deep state.
Abolish the CIA, FBI, and NSA
These centers are unconstitutional and incurably corrupt. The CIA’s dangers are most apparent, with it being behind a saga of drug-running, bloody coups, torture, and psyops. Like the CIA, the FBI and NSA are virtually unaccountable to congress, with them together constituting the largest surveillance/police state in history. The idea to disband these institutions and replace them with an ethical intelligence gathering center, as CIA expert Steve Kangas has advocated, makes even more sense when we see how politically powerful they’ve become.
The security state has become a fourth branch of government since 9/11, and it’s now more powerful than the executive branch. We can tell this from the unprecedented control the CIA has had over policy since Trump took office: historic rates of drone attacks and bombings; an expanded war on whistleblowers; a succession of brutal neoconservative cabinet appointees.
And when Trump has deviated from the deep state’s agenda, they’ve used the baseless charge of Trump being a “Russian agent” to pressure him towards their will. They’ve done this with a chilling system of centralized media coordination that runs through the CIA, which was established when a ban on domestic CIA media psyops was repealed in 2013. “In the age of legal, weaponized propaganda directed at the American people,” writes Mintpress’ Whittney Webb, “false narratives have become so commonplace in the mainstream and even alternative media that these falsehoods have essentially become normalized, leading to the era of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts.’”
Warfare, the tool that these hidden rulers have used to gain this power, is the next thing we need to eliminate.
Get rid of the military-industrial complex
Like how the countries with universal health care have made it illegal for any company to profit from illness, we need to make it illegal for any company to profit from war. The establishment narrative about the military-industrial complex now having little influence is dishonest. Defense contractors from Halliburton and other companies have made around $140 billion from the Iraq War, while the class of war profiteers in contractors like Raytheon are quietly getting rich from the operations in Syria. It’s been like this roughly for the last eight decades, and there’s no telling how long it will go on.
When we destroy the war machine, we’ll be cutting off the deep state’s life source, and in more ways than financially. The purpose of making war continuous in the modern age, as 1984 illustrated, is to sustain totalitarianism. War destroys resources that would otherwise be used for educating the proletarians, while creating an atmosphere where obeying the state seems vital for countering an ever-looming enemy. To both get rid of the private military-industrial complex, and to stop the government from waging war for its own purposes, we need to make war itself illegal.
Hold the deep state to justice
Actually, war is already illegal. Under the Paris Peace Pact of 1928, it is illegal for a country to attack another country without provocation, an act that’s defined as a crime against peace. If the leaders of the United States and its allies were held accountable to this law, the world would enter into an unprecedented age of peace.
This means prosecuting presidents Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, and many of their cabinet for repeatedly committing this type of war crime-the crime of aggression, which the Nazi officers who invaded multiple countries were convicted of at Nuremberg. Add this onto the lies to congress, unconstitutional spying programs, and unprosecuted corruption that these and other officials have engaged in, and a major overhaul of the criminals in government can take place.
These all seem like impossible goals, as the deep state continues to fortify its influence and militarize society. But if we keep mobilizing, to the extent that we carry out a series of nationwide strikes and demonstrations, the power structure will be forced to yield. This struggle compares to the fight to break down the Berlin Wall, whose final strategy for victory was assessed by Michael Moore in the film Where To Invade Next as: “Hammer, Chisel, Down. Rinse and repeat.”

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