Friday, February 23, 2018

What We Should Do When The Oligarchy Tries To Rig The 2020 Democratic Primary

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2016 showed us exactly how, where, and when the forces of corporate tyranny are able to sabotage disfavored candidates. Likely Bernie Sanders voters were purged in Arizona, New York, California, and other key states in the Democratic primary. Mathematically impossible exit poll discrepancies happened in many states, all of them in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Voter registration problems, closed polling places, lost ballots, and other issues happened in numerous contests. And it was all buried by the media and the government with Orwellian success.

Almost nothing has changed about the primary process since this epic assault on democracy. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been replaced by the similarly untrustworthy Tom Perez. There are still superdelegates and closed primaries. The hackable electronic voting machines haven’t been replaced by a mandatory paper ballot system. Many have abandoned the Democratic Party altogether, and plan not to even try to vote in the 2020 Democratic primary. I’m urging those people to try to vote in it anyway-because if and when election fraud occurs, your stolen votes will serve to expose the evil of the system.
Things have changed since the start of 2016. The population is more aware and mobilized, and alternative media’s popularity has increased so much that governments and corporations are now heavily censoring it. When the Democratic Party next goes after our votes, we’ll be able to recognize the fraud, document it, and show it to a country that’s ready to accept it as fact.
When you see fraud reported in 2020, or if you have your democratic rights personally violated, please contact me on my Facebook page about it so that I can report on the incident. Others in my field with online followings, especially Jared BeckLee Camp, and Caitlin Johnstone, will no doubt also be ready to spread awareness of these incidents. To combat the censorship against us, which I fear will be a lot worse by 2020, we’ll need to prepare for this reporting operation by forming alliances between alternative media sites. 
By very vocally and broadly exposing the Democratic Party’s coming attack on democracy, we might be able to do unprecedented damage to the ruling establishment. With every widely publicized incident of electoral fraud, the establishment Democrat candidate’s legitimacy will be harmed, and pressure will be put onto the Democratic leadership to conduct a genuinely fair primary. I don’t know if this will lead to the DNC nominating the non-corporate candidate. But if we report on the election fraud, and if we prepare for doing this well in advance, the establishment’s attempts to sabotage democracy will backfire.
What should we do when we find out that our votes have been stolen? The same thing that those angriest few of us who knew the full extent of the 2016 election fraud did: take to the streets and organize to bring down the power structure. 2020, according to the sociologist Peter Turchin, will also be the point where the class struggle reaches a pivotal moment of social unrest. That class struggle is already rapidly becoming more dramatic, as the ruling elites use censorship, propaganda, and militarization to stifle dissent. The foundations of the corporatocracy are weakening. And the next stolen election might be what finally gets the people to take their power back.
The theft of the 2020 race has already started; in September, California Democrats voted to make California the one of the first states to vote in the primaries, which will harm any insurgent candidate since California is the state with the most delegates. Be vigilant for the next instances. The future of the republic might depend on how well we report them.

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