Monday, January 29, 2018

How The Deep State Conquered The World

The web of totalitarian control is closing in on us. Every day the censorship measures get more severe, the propaganda more invasive, the military and corporate control better enforced. The attacks on dissenting media from governments and corporations, war campaigns against multiple countries, and barrages of media distractions are part of an effort to quell rebellion against the corporate state. And if these efforts succeed, I have a feeling we’ll soon be trapped in this global prison indefinitely.

How did this happen? Can it be reversed? Do we deserve this for failing to stop the earlier stages of the takeover? You can often make peace with the times you live in by tracing to where things went wrong, which in our case involves the authoritarian movements of the last century. With the outbreak of World War I and the slide into poverty that much of the world then experienced, authoritarian movements like Stalinism and Naziism were able to gain dominance. By the 1930’s, as Orwell observed in 1984, many of the the barbaric practices of earlier centuries had become normalized, while the philosophy of every major political movement had become authoritarian.

It was around the middle of the century when the deep state-the official term for an unelected power structure-emerged as we now know it. U.S. leaders, partnering with other nations through the NATO alliance, carved out a new world order where America would act as a “world policeman.” The CIA was formed, acting as a powerful and unaccountable entity that could conduct covert ops and propaganda throughout the globe. Russia was used as the object of demonization and fearmongering, part of the reason for waging a war that could never end. (This has come full circle as Russia is again made out to be America’s “adversary.”)

Liberty wasn’t snuffed out right away, and it’s still not been. Through art, music and creative mass movement strategies, the braver people have been able to counter the power of empire and corporate capitalism. But the wars kept being manufactured, corporate power kept being expanded through political bribery and global corporate fronts like the World Bank, and the national security state continued its insidious intrusions into Americans’ lives.

The scale of this despotism was unparalleled. America has interfered in 60 sovereign governments since 1945. The World Bank, the IMF, and the WTO have imposed corporate trade models and neoliberal reforms on much of the world, while employing violent retribution against those who’ve protested. But as the U.S. empire declined from its peak in mid-century, the state became more brazen in its repression, as if it was making up for its shrinking global hegemony by controlling the homeland tighter.

But the intentions of those who did this to us seem unimportant, as we navigate a perverted vision of civilization. The media has become hyper-consolidated and taken over by government propaganda operatives, as evidenced by the 2013 repealof a ban on covert CIA psyops. 9/11 has enabled an explosion in private security facilities, the creation of a universal NSA surveillance state, and a “war on terror” which can’t end by its own definition. Reality is able to be molded by state propaganda, so much that the absurd anti-Russia narratives are accepted by much of the population.

We all know about the appalling actions the government has taken in recent years-the unprecedented war against whistleblowers, the creation of the terroristic U.S. drone program, the militarization of police-but beneath it all has been a technological shift in how totalitarianism functions. As Caitlin Johnstone writesabout this transformation, “A lot of folks in conspiracy circles are still talking about deep state power structures like it’s 2004, and meanwhile those power structures are all prepping for a tech explosion, monetary revolutions, vast shifts in the global economy and the end of oil.”

Among these preparations are the campaign from Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the other CIA-controlled online corporations to mold human minds like never before. The mediums these entities offer, innately addictive and mind-programming, are being used to divert people from information the state deems dangerous. This manipulation strategy, recently expanded through the “counterspeech” program, is a perfect fulfillment of the sci-fi predictions for humanity being enslaved by artificial intelligence. 

I could list many more alarming examples of what the government is doing right now: the Bana Alabad psyop, where government agents evidently manipulate a child into promoting Syria war narratives; evidence of false flag protests and shootings in Iran to advance CIA regime change goals; the government agency set up in 2016 for countering “disinformation and propaganda.” Next might come the technological advancement of our police state through face recognition cameras in the uniforms of cops. Already we’re subjected to daily and intense exposure to state surveillance, as the CIA can now hack into the cameras and mics of mobile devices.

But the most important thing to recognize is what all these measures exist to protect, which is the global, U.S.-centralized, unelected power establishment that sustains extreme economic inequality by endlessly perpetuating war. We won’t find freedom from this establishment by looking for saviors, nor from hoping the collapse of the U.S. empire will dismantle the tyranny. The only way to defeat the deep state is to charge against it ourselves, through mass organizing, civil disobedience, and relentless counter-propaganda. If we don’t do this, the movement towards totalitarianism will reach its logical conclusion.

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