Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Berniecrats Will Soon Come To Dominate The Political System

A Bernie Sanders rally in New York from about a year ago.
It might not be possible to determine exactly how many victories have been won by the Berniecrats since they started winning them in the 2016 down-ballot primaries. But here's a list of said victories that I'm sure covers almost all of them:
  • The Berniecrats won over 160 of said down-ballot primaries, which, while not sounding like much, is 74% of the overall primary races Berniecrats entered into in 2016.
  • 57 of the candidates Our Revolution endorsed in 2016 won in November, meaning that if a count existed of how may Berniecrats overall won, it would likely be more than half of 160. And even if that number is less than half of 160, it's certain a larger proportion of Berniecrats than corporate Democrats won in 2016.
  • Over 600 Berniecrats won in January 2016's California State Assembly Elections, out of the over 1100 seats available in those contests.
  • Aside from those three most notable instances, Berniecrats have been sweeping nearly every election for state and local Democratic Party leadership positions since November 8. The races that these victories have taken place in are often so small that they've gone quietly unreported, but here's a few of the more notable ones that have been reported: Berniecrats recently took over a county party that makes up two-thirds of the state of Oregon, elected one of their own to the position of Arkansas Democratic Party chair, and staged a major delegate race takeover in New Mexico.
Meanwhile, I continue to very frequently see unprofessional but genuine reports through my fellow Berniecratic social media users of Berniecrats taking over state and local Democratic parties. This is all of course impressive, but considering the dominance that corrupt, neoliberal Democrats and Republicans continue to hold over all levels of American government, will its continuation be enough to sufficiently transform our political system in time to save the country from potential catastrophe at the hands of selfish interests?

I'm going to illustrate why I'm convinced the answer to that is yes.

Let's break down the rates at which the victories mentioned have occurred: in the first three months of 2017, in addition to all the local Democratic Party takeovers from Berniecrats, we've managed to pretty much dominate the Democratic parties of California, New Mexico, and Arkansas by winning the majority of party convention delegate seats in the first two and winning the chairmanship in the latter. This means that if we keep up our current level of activism throughout the rest of the year, we'll have taken control of around a dozen state Democratic parties by the end of 2017.

What will also happen by then if Berniecrats don't waver in their commitment to this task is a nationwide sweep of the 2017 November elections on our part. If a significant number of Berniecrats enter their area's races for positions like mayor, city council, or school board member, as is likely to happen given the staggering amount of instances so far this year where Berniecrats have stepped up in such a way, we will be able to very easily stage a by and large takeover of America's local governments. Possibly assuming the Green Party Berniecrat Kenneth Mejia wins the special election on April 4th for the next representative of California's 4th district (or at least comes close to winning it), this accomplishment, along with the widespread takeover of state and local Democratic parties, will complete the trifecta of greatly self-beneficial 2017 goals for Berniecrats laid out in the article 2017 may be the year of the "Berniecrats":
If Berniecrats can notch up two or three wins, Democrats would be foolish not to embrace the left wing of the party going into 2018.  If the movement comes up shot, the establishment has a clear case as to why they should remain in charge going forward. 
Of course, the establishment is the establishment for a reason, and they're not going to give into the wishes of the Berniecrats if their donors in big business can help it. So as the 2018 elections approach, the insurgents will need to ready themselves for some big obstacles-so big, given the blocks put in front of Bernie Sanders in last year's primaries, that they'll very likely include electoral fraud and irregular amounts of voter suppression.

Still, what with how the corporate Democrats weren't able to use such tactics to shut out any down-ballot Berniecratic candidates in 2016 (apart from the one instance of the dirty tricks Debbie Schultz used to win her congressional primary), we hopefully can't expect the vast majority of the 2018 Senatorial and congressional primaries to be rigged against the Berniecrats on the same level the 2016 primary was rigged against Bernie. So with the help of organizations like Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats (which are already causing the neoliberal Democrats to anxiously lash out), Sandersists will fairly easily be able to take the Senate and the House in 2018. (We'll be able to take the latter in spite of its hopelessly gerrymandered structure by doing Brand New Congress' rather brilliant plan of running some Berniecrats on the Republican ticket).

At that point, Berniecrats will even more plausibly have taken over around two dozen state Democratic parties and come to more or less dominate politics in general. This will serve as a springboard for the takeover of another dozen state Democratic parties in 2019, along with another sweep of local elections. That will serve as an even more important springboard for our next task.

Getting a candidate of our own through the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries will be a perilous task. Last time we tried to do so, overzealous pro-Democratic establishment election officials and/or partisan manufacturers of the electronic voting machines pulled the rug out from under us to the effect that I estimate Bernie Sanders would have been named the winner of 31 primary states had all of those contests been run fairly. But assuming we take the right actions beforehand, I believe we'll be able to prevail the next time around.

If we can take control of around three dozen out of the 50 state Democratic parties, in 2020 the establishment candidate won't be able to essentially buy up 33 of those entities to their advantage as was the case in 2016. If we can get Berniecrats elected to the majority of Democratic offices, especially the governorships, the pro-establishment candidate heads of the country's state governments won't be able to sabotage us in 2020 nearly as much as they did in 2016. And perhaps most importantly, if we can change the mechanics of the voting process so that biased election hackers and/or private voting machine companies won't be able to manipulate the vote counts of electronic voting devices in 2020 (as the candidates drafted by Brand New Congress are already planning to do), election fraud against our next presidential candidate will not occur. If that's the case, Trump and Friends should watch out for 2020.

Of course, this plan is highly ambitious, and there are countless ways things could go wrong despite our best efforts. Worst among them is the prospect that the coming tyranny-provoking terrorist attack will allow for the Trump administration to cancel any future elections, which one commentator predicts has a 15% chance of being realized. Even so, those in the majority of the country which supports economic, social, geopolitical, and environmental justice shouldn't be underestimated any more than the fanatics bent on selling out our future should. And that 15% chance of democracy's demise will become 100% as soon as we give up the fight.

In the shorter term, keep up the donations to groups like Justice Democrats, Democratic Socialists of America, and, if you're not one to so much invest in changing the Democratic Party, Draft Bernie For A People's Party. Do all you can in this next day before the special election on April 4th to help Kenneth Mejia win. And whatever those who currently dominate the top-down aspect of politics do in the coming months and years, remember that the bottom-up aspect of politics, which we overwhelmingly control these days, is  where real change takes place.


  1. Yes, this is how things are going Rainer. Lets keep the pressure up.

  2. Here are a few sites that try to keep up with Berniecrat Candidates. Please help these sites keep their records updated if you can.

    You may also find or start your own Local Berniecrats facebook page which is supported now by a national organization with over 160 local chapters.